Life on a Boat

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We are a small family business in the production of the traditional wooden boats.
Everything started more than 10 years ago as e business idea. The love for the
profession as engineer of a father, the love and desire for freedom in the sea and a
dream of a daughter connected them with father and son love for the history and
boats. 2 ideas dedicated to the same thing, the SEA, the tradition became 1.
LIFE ON A BOAT came from the family business ARTISANAL and the ALBANIAN
SPORTS MARINE organization. Is a project dedicated to the traditional maritime life
that started just in January 2017. In the last 2 years, we have offered to the market
different models of classic wooden boats. We are working to complete the sailing
programs for all ages and our researching work for the Interactive Naval Museum.
Our plan for the next 5 years is to offer to the region the complete range of classic
boats, a sailing team that can represent the country and a Naval Museum.
Our aim is to be part of the maritime life in the region with classic wooden boats.
Our company wants to promote the tradition in the Adriatic-Ionian Region. We
would like to provide a window to the maritime world and represent our shared
European heritage. We want to be a big family and to grow together offering the
best emotion that sailing culture can give.

Our mission is to connect people to the maritime life and culture by being able to
experience it through classic boats.
Life on a Boat is focused on bringing people of different generations to the
maritime culture.
The best way to introduce that is by offering a range models of wooden boat, the
opportunity to visit a small artisanal dockyard (a small interactive museum) and
regattas with sailboats. Important part of our work is to teach to young
generations the respect for the maritime life.


2km from the main road SH56 Prush, Tirane / ALBANIA


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