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The ferry company Sarris Cruises Lines was established in 2005. The new company got approved from the Albanian ministry of transport to operate yearly with two vessels of high capacity, and to provide for the first time the transport of cars from Corfu to Saranda. The new vessels are bringing twice a week organized tourist groups from Corfu to Saranda AND Butrint ancient city. New services such as pilotage, boat renting , organized tours and mooring/berthing services are added to the company portfolio by meeting the needs of our customers. Our core values are based on the historic and traditional relations between Greece Corfu) and Albania (Saranda).

Established to become a leader in the sector of transport of passengers and cars in Albania, thanks to entrepreneur spirit of two co-founders, the ship owner, devotion and sacrifices of the ferry crew, within a few years becomes a reference company in the maritime links between GREECE and Albania. The company is currently praised for more than 2.5 million passengers being transported from the port of Saranda.




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