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Close to 40 years intensive professional presence in the field of maritime industry in Albania. Starting our activity as port agents, of highest qualification at time being, we have collected a valuable experience which has been appreciated and continue estimated as guaranteed basis for all mutual partnership we have established during years of relationship with foreign companies and continue even today our business with the leading world companies in the field of shipping and port industry like once: Adriatica di Navigazione Venezia, Transeuropa Koper, Brodospas Split and so on, following now with Hudson Analytix USA, Istop/Spamat Bari, Panfido Venezia, MAG Rome, Tema Sistemi Taranto, etc.
Following the traces of its foundation Spamat Albgroup Shpk, in spite of its registration in 2014, remains in itself a branch of the first private shipping society created in Albania on November 1991: TEUTA Maritime Agency, in the field of Maritime Industry Activity.
Shipping and forwarding Agency - since the beginning we have built up co-operation and trust with Vessel Owners, Cargo Representatives, Port Authorities, Pilots, Tugging companies and other related parties, and we have been working with them basis on the principle of performing and demonstrating the highest standards in a professional manner. We are required to provide ships with an efficient and reliable service and to protect the Company or Time Charterers’ interests, handling bulk carriers, dry cargo vessels, Ro-Pax & Cruisers’ calls and and tankers at the port of Durres, Vlora, and Shengjin. We have been also the exclusive agent of Adriatica ferries at that time. Teuta Agency has given an important contribution in opening new regular ferry lines with port of Koper and Bari in 1992. Being experienced and enjoying the necessary qualifications of the personnel and level of services to the customers, the company managed to attend 70% of vessels' calls at Durres port in the years 1991-1992.
Time changes, the valuation and importance of some advantages, benefits or specific features of a company, consist of the high standards of knowledge and skills, which our staff possesses. In 2009 together with Italian well-known company Tema Sistemi Taranto we took the initiative and installed the first STCW seafarers’ training center in Albania, which contributed that Albanian Seafarers attending this center, won the right to be consider not anymore blacklisted ones, but same as all European mariners.
Completion of both Introduction to Shipping and Fundamentals of the Maritime Industry of at least based on our long experience, it has served as quality credit towards, the authorization, the Minister of Transports of Albania, granted in 2014 to our company to operate as SAS (RSO) together with America company HUDSON ANALYTIX, one of most wellknown companies in the world.
A government authorized company who operate in compliance with ISPS code on the professional security management, including planning, loss prevention, training, and asset protection of ports and ships, we accomplish this through continual assessment of threats and vulnerabilities and the development of plans using best practice measures to mitigate risk. Our services are comprehensive, all security plans are IMO-compliant, meet the applicable requirements of SOLAS and the MTSA even.

We’ re working intensively, in port reforms, intending to reach the international standards, particularly at port providers’ services and port management also.
Being present at Romano Port Durres, the hydrocarbon port, since 2006, we have provided our permanent assistance in consolidation of it.
At time being, Hagshipping provides necessary assistance for certification and guarateeing skipper licence to all aplicants poassing our courses to driving boats and yachts up to 24 meters LOA.

Actually, Hagshipping is in partnership with following foreign companies : Hudson Trident USA, Istop/Spamat Bari, Panfido Venezia, Mag Rome, Tema Sistemi Taranto, and so on, and is involved in implementation of new systems and standards in our ports and shipping, establishing this way, new important projects and investments in Albanian ports and maritime industry.


Address: Rruga CURRILAVE, Nd. 4, H 6, Ap. 1, 2003 Durres/Albania


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