Vlora Maritime Training Center (VMTC) Ltd

Subject type: SME

The company's vision is to contribute to the development and progress of the World Education and Maritime Training in Albania, especially regarding the training of Albanian sailors who have sailed both in national and international waters where their marine skills must meet IMO standards in accordance with the regulations listed in the Convention International which refers to the 2010 Manila STCW standard. They offer different services like:
• Maritime activities, contacts with national and foreign counterparts.
• Training, preparation, qualification and certification of seafarers’ personnel as per STCW IMO Convention.
• Support to individuals, private and public entities in activities related to Maritime Industry.

Contact details:
Tel: +355 69 339 5136
E-mail: info@maritimecentre.al


Vlore, Lagjia 10 Korriku, Rruga Pelivan Leskaj, Pallati Troci Konstruksion, Kati 2


  • Nautical marina, Services

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