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Company IMG, located in Zagreb, Croatia, established in 1988., as a private company specialized in manufacturing stainless steel armatures for oil, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, and in those industries is active for over then 22 years.

We manufacture a wide range of high quality products: high and low pressure valves made of stainless steel and other materials, pipe fittings, fastchangeable fittings, exceeded fittings, check valves, holenders, ring-joints, measure dampings, and other assemblys from stainlees steel and other materials, spare parts on the basis of sample or drawing, services like reconstruction of regulating valves, drilling gate valves, rafinery armature, ball and conical taps, and services of machining.

Our company is specialized in producing a wide range of products such as:

- high pressure valves (needle valves, gate valves, globe valves, gauge valves, ball valves, control valves) made of stainless steel or other materials (brass, Carbon steel)

- all kinds of fitings: tube fittings, quick couplings, connectors, unions, check valves, union flat joints, protective tubes for thermoelements, steel washers, oriffice plates, metering lanes, instrument air distributors, vapour separators, condensing receivers, condensate pots, vent pots, and other assembly for industrial plants made of stainless steel and other materials (brass, Carbon steel)

- spare parts according to the drawings or samples

- spare parts for:
- metal parts for gas elevator
- balls and seats for gas elevator
- tubing stopers
- drilling equipment
- gas lift valves
- packer parts
- centirfugal pumps
- external suplly from EU for:
- steel fittings
- armatures
- tubes for process instrumentation
- all kinds of measuring equipment
We also provide services of reparation and reconstruction of control valves, drilling gate valves, refinery armature, ball and plug (conical) valves, and services of metal working and finishing, as well as services of maintanenance and reparation of ball valves on Inagip platforms in Adriatic sea, reparations of control valves and plug (conical) valves for INA-Section of oil and gas production.

All of our products are quality tested, and own all adequate quality certificates:

- ISO 9001:2008
- ISO 29001:2010
- ISO 14001:2010
- PED 97/23/EC
- Certificate of approval from Croatian Register of Shipping

Complete range of our manufacturing program can be seen on our web page:
Company is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel and other material armatures for oil&gas and petrochemical industry.
Products: high and low pressure valves,check valves, manifolds, tube fittings, quick
couplings,connectors, unions, steel washers, flanges...
- Thermowells and protection tubes for thermometers
- Orifice plates, sampling cylinders, lubrication fittings, condensation pots and other pressure measurement equipment


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