Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana (CCIT) is a juridical independent non-profitable person which exercises its functions pursuant to Law No. 9640 “On the Chambers of Commerce and Industry” passed by the Assembly of the Republic of Albania on 09.11.2006.
CCIT is the most important and powerful organization in the country, with the highest membership number in Albania (currently 190 members are adhering) finding the Chamber as the Institution which addresses their issues.
In order for the Chamber to fulfill its mission, it exercises two significant functions:
1. The protection, support and addressing of the economic interests of business community it represents. It transmits the voice of business to all the central and local governing institutions. The Chamber represents the business community even at international relations, representing and establishing agreements on behalf and for the interest of the business.
2. Providing dedicating services to business with regard to the creation of the facilities for goods and business circulation, the promotion of their activities in national and international events, the creation of the contact opportunities with different businesses through the arrangements of meetings and the mission of the economic and commercial business, providing and establishing the cooperation relations among the businesses with each other, but even with regard to the identification of the new markets and exports.
The CCIT manages professionally a staff of 16 people in total, with experience and permanent employment contracts. However, based on the required specific competency, it engages other people constantly with temporary contracts it requires the involvement of external consultants, lecturers, etc.

Among the most important activities carried out by the CCIT, the following might be highlighted:

- Consultancy with the business regarding their issues. It also contacts the media to make them public for a wider circle of stakeholders.
- The management of a series of projects, mainly implemented in partnership with the other partners abroad funded by different Programmes of the European Commission, such as the transboundary programmes or the ones of the South-East Europe.
- The annual organization of a certain number of trainings with employees of different businesses according to the relevant subjects based on the interest, including the issues of the strategic management and business planning, financial management, project management, internationalization, marketing, etc.
- The organization of the fairs and exhibitions domestically but even the aid provided to businesses to participate in international fairs - one of the significant services of the Chamber in the promotion of the Albanian business and the creation of the opportunities in order for them to grow, develop and extend to new markets, in the application of the new contemporary technologies as well as in the accomplishment of the standards required by the European market.
- Providing contribution in the realization of business missions with international partners in Albania or in other foreign countries with its own initiative as well as a part of the government delegations, attracting the foreign investments to Albania and their cooperation with the Albanian investors.
- Providing a specialized judicial and technical consultancy for its own members and for all the businesses that operate in the district of Tirana in the Field of Intellectual Ownership (Trademarks and service brands, invention patents, geographical nominations, copyright, defending the cases of the industrial ownership at the courts of all the levels, specialized consultancy at public and private Universities).
CCIT is active in a considerable number of countries worldwide through its representation offices. Among them, the following can be mentioned: the office in South Africa, in England, Canada, China, the United States of America, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Spain, etc.

The Chamber is also a member of bodies such as: ICC, ASCAME, BSEC, etc.


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  • Shipbuilding
  • Nautical equipment
  • Metal processing
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Engineering and design
  • Nautical marina, Services

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