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MATTHEW'S, Floris Matej Faganelj s.p. was founded in 2002 to transform experience and knowledge into the highest quality service (agency, mediation, marketing and shop). They have been involved in various projects, among the most important, they consider cooperation with the Slovenian manufacturer of vessels, Blumar. In 2011, they signed an exclusive contract with Chugoku Paints B.V. from the Netherlands and became the official supplier of their products for Slovenian market.
The company deals with agency, brokerage, marketing, and trades, and is aware of the importance of focusing on the user's needs and their expectations. One of the key business outcomes is effective quality management, which is one of the conditions for user satisfaction. They also take care of good internal relations and working conditions. Comprehensive Quality Management is a process that represents "the first and every time without error", and continuously evolves in all directions throughout the entire business process, as the needs, expectations and wishes of the consumer also change according to their progress. As a result of service activities, they are even more concerned about the added value and emphasis of "something more", in order to separate themselves from the competition.

General manager: Matej Faganelj


Lucija - Vinjole 037


  • Nautical equipment

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